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Arizona woman accused of helping North Korea by infiltrating companies and funneling funds to Pyongyang.

US prosecutors charged an American woman with assisting North Koreans in finding remote jobs in the United States and sending their earnings back to North Korea. Along with three North Koreans, she is accused of stealing American identities to help foreign IT workers pose as Americans. This is said to have made nearly $7 million and caused more than 35 U.S. people to have false tax liabilities. Allegedly, this scheme could have also helped North Korea's weapons program.

She is charged with nine counts of conspiracy to defraud the United States. She allegedly ran a laptop farm from her home, giving the impression that North Korean workers were in the United States, assisting them in connecting to company laptops and receiving wages. Around 300 US companies were involved in the scheme, which started in October 2020. These included several Fortune 500 companies, a major TV network, a defense company, a top Silicon Valley tech company, and an automaker.

Reportedly, she charged monthly fees for her services and also attempted to secure employment at US government agencies. 

The three North Korean co-conspirators are still at large and are believed to be affiliated with North Korea's Munitions Industry Department.

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